Ignacio Gutiérrez                   

No Soy

Chile is a country where the vast majority of its population has historically seen their dreams frustrated.  With a brutally alienating economic model, it seems no exaggeration to postulate that, in order to truly find out who an individual is, it could be better to ask about who they “aren’t”.

In this series -shot at the end of 2018- I dedicated myself to photographing people I met on the street to ask them, in addition to a portrait, for a lie. Who are you NOT? The project brought with it a glance of certainty: the first thing you think about, when confronted with the  “Who you’re not?”, seems to be unfailingly tied to “Who you weren’t?”. Or “Who’d you have liked to be?”, if you didn’t get to live in this fractured society. Thus, the question, which may seem innocent, does not simply give rise to a lie, but to a fantasy.

That is what I wanted to explore here: What are the fantasies of those who inhabit our territory? Furthermore, How is this fantasy linked to the very socio-economic model that frustrates them?

The proposal is thus to denounce a model that makes fantasy impossible, and even when it is given a space, as it was given here, this fantasy is also tragically co-opted by capitalism.